Mid-America Hypnosis Conference 2011

I thought I’d start off the blog with a post about the Mid-America Hypnosis Conference that I attended in the suburbs of Chicago on October 21-23.  The conference featured workshops on a wide variety of topics given by hypnotists from across the country.  There was also an exhibit room with booths offering books, cd’s, readings of all sorts, and various other wares and services.  Plus a banquet on Saturday night where I had the opportunity to meet and share ideas with some hypnotists from the Chicago area as well as experience my first hypnosis stage show which was entertaining to say the least.

The workshops were both educational and inspirational.  I attended sessions on Sports Hypnosis including a session specializing in golf, Chronic Pain Management, Self-Hypnosis Techniques, EFT, Hypnotic Intuition and Forensic Hypnosis to name a few.  At any given time there were 6 different workshops going on so there were a lot of topics to choose from and sometimes the choice wasn’t easy.  Every speaker had some unique observations and techniques to share and now I have a lot of new tools to help clients added to my toolbox.  Because your toolbox can never be too big and you never stop learning in the field of hypnosis.

I look forward to attending next year as well as attending some of the other hypnosis conferences around the country throughout the upcoming year.