Hypnosis Studies & Articles

Below are links to some interesting articles about hypnosis studies.  This list is not inclusive but rather gives a sampling of the research that’s been done and the capabilities of hypnosis.

Science daily article on a study showing the effectiveness of hypnotherapy for smoking cessation.

Web MD article on a study showing the successful treatment of Irritable Bowel Syndrome treatment using hypnosis.

Kaiser Permanente study on the usefulness of medical hypnosis.

Scientific American article on hypnosis as a distinct form of consciousness.

Scientific American article on brain scans that show hypnosis’ effect of brain activity and how hypnosis can help the brain to manage cognitive conflicts.

Stanford University study that demonstrates hypnosis’ ability to transform our perceptions.

Science Daily article on the use of hypnosis to study delusions.

Article on study about hypnosis and ‘conversion disorder’ which is the presence of neurological symptoms with no identifiable organic cause.